Box O'Cats?

Any Imaginable Cats in Any Box You Can Dream Up!

The Box O' Cats card is a wild card, some say the most fun card in the deck--thus the name of the game! Someone can propose any sort of cats in any sort of box. This explanation must be accepted, but the solution itself need not be accepted. Often players challenge the holder of the Box to use their imagination to the fullest. So "I play the Box O'Cats" is not an automatic score unless played as a player's initial card in a round. Even so the player has a sacred and profound obligation to the cat gods to entertain the players with their vision of the Box O'Cats.

The Box O'Cats card could definitely be...

  • Huge Robot Cats with a Solid Steel Fortress Headquarters
  • 10,000 Alien Cats, Disguised as World Leaders, Arriving In a Spacecraft
  • A Little Cardboard Box of Kittens to Adopt Out

The Box O'Cats could, with good persuasion skills, possibly be...

  • A Swimming Pool of Tigers
  • A Warehouse of Fully-Prepared Construction Equipment
  • A Box of Fuzzy Carnivorous Caterpillars

But the Box O'Cats is DEFINITELY NOT...

  • A Box O'Dogs. Unless they are secretly cats
  • A Mountain full of Mountain Lions. Unless there is an enormous fence around them
  • A Refrigerator. Unless it is full of cool cats.

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