House Rules

House Rules

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For those of you who love the cash bonus of Free Parking in Monopoly®, here are some house rules people dreamed up, and we are sure there will be a lot more interesting variations:

One Replacement Round
Some groups prefer to only allow one replacement round. That is a good rule for chaotic environments where players may lose track of gameplay, but it is not as frequently used in more strategic gameplay.
Card Replacement
Casual groups may allow for a player to ditch their hand and pick another. More strategy-oriented groups demand the players follow the formal rules and find ways to get rid of less powerful cards.
Special Powers
Groups that play together a lot sometimes attribute very specific powers to rather mundane cards. For instance the Rubber Chicken used to be nothing special. But it evolved to have a special trading power.
Strict vs. Political Play
Strict play is where players must truly vote for the best item. The standard rules allow for political play.
Yea, some people just can't stand ties and continue until we have a winner. Here are some compelling options to ensure your game of cooperation has a winner....
  • Each tied player chooses one more item from their hand. Players choose the best one.
  • Each tied player replenishes their hand and chooses one item from their hand. Players choose the best one.
  • Tied players draw an item card from the deck and argue for it. Players choose the best one..
  • Or the final option, play continues until a winner exists.


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